Clothes will always be a hot item in the e-commerce market. According to a recent Fashion and Apparel Industry Report by Shopify, the industry is expected to grow in value from $481 billion in 2018 to $712 billion by 2022. The research found that the volume of e-commerce customers in the apparel section is likely to rise to more than 1.2 billion globally by 2020. With higher incomes and better access to the Internet through smartphones, people have more money to spend and quicker ways to make purchases, the study stated.

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Clothing and Fashion Dropshippers

365DROPSHIP is a fashion dropshipper with a diverse catalog of products – from basic, everyday apparel to luxurious selections that are perfect for a gala. No matter what item your customers may choose or for what occasion, they’ll be getting quality, name-brand pieces.

We have luxury brand products from well-known fashion brands that cater to every niche. Want to create an athleisure store? We have great sneakers and clothes from athletic apparel companies like Puma. If you’re planning on selling premium handbags, we carry great selections from Cavalli Class, Coccinelle, and La Martina.